This traditional wine-growing community is the historical gate to the Rheingau region and the "first pearl' in the chain of the Rheingau Riesling route over the Rhine river. The wine tradition has been looked after for the past 1200 years. In Walluf's angled alleys there are well-preserved houses from the barroc period, built by the Mainzer church nobles. The Rheingauer had to be thankful to the archbishopric of Mainz, which gave them their civil rights.

Walluf was known before as the starting point of the 50 to 100-meter-wide medieval protection wall, built of grove-beech-branches that would run all the way to the city of Lorch and would protect the Rheingau from its multiple enemies.

Walluf's unique location directly on the Rhine river, its historical buildings and ruines, its wineries, guesthouses and restaurants with a lovely river sight, invite you to stay and enjoy.

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