It is a countryside suburb from Wiesbaden, and spreads out its attraction between April and May as the cherry trees blossom. It becomes a place of interest for people from all over the world since the land and all the fruit trees transform into a white blossom sheet. This is but only one of its attractions. Its easy-to-drink wines can be tasted in friendly guesthouses and wineries. There are several wineries that still are in the same shape as hundreds of years ago, such as the Nuernberger Hof, the Grorother Hof and the Hof Armada. The half-timbered houses which have been carefully restored, are also of interest.

Frauenstein offers a good chance to learn about wine-growing, grape types, climate and grounds. This area is characterized by its lovely walking and hiking pads that bring you to attractive landscapes of hills and valleys.

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