Eltville is a special "pearl" of the Rheingau and is well known as "the city of the wine and the roses". This very historical place and its gently restored old- town quarter is and oasis of peace for wine friends and historians who want to enjoy Eltville's landscape, wine and culture. Worth it to visit is the Electoral Fortress of Eltville with its walk-in tower, a gallery and a printing workshop. The rose garden around the fortress fills with enthusiasm romantic people from all around the world specially during the 'rose days " in the month of May. Worth to be seen are the magnificient noble and aristocratic villas on the river promenade all surrounded by roses, as well as the newly restored Castle Crass, today a hotel and restaurant. The complex of the Eltzer Courtyard, that was aquired by the Earl of Eltz in 1629, invites you to a nice walk; this place is decorated with wonderful art masterpieces. The park and winery belonging to the Baron Langwerth of Simmern, which is the home of an antique wine dinasty, deserves as well a nice walk; then, go through the old paved alleys with its lovely half-timbered houses from the Biedermeier period. A Biedermeier and sparkling-wine festival organized by the Biedermeier Association reminds yearly of this important epoque.

Gutenberg, the famous printing master also lived and partly worked in the city of Eltville, therefore his name is very close related to it.

Eltville is of course a wine-growing community. The winegrowers invite you to taste their wines at the wine-tasting booth on the beautiful river promenade.

Different concerts, festivities and cultural events are evidence of the Eltviller hospitality.

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