Ruedesheim is the world famous "small wine-growing city". Its magnificient fortresses next to the romantic half-timbered villas and an avenue with stucco-decorated hotel buildings constructed at the end of the 19th century, invite year by year millions of visitors to Ruedesheim. The Drosselgasse (moking-bird alley) is well known around the world. The 3 million visitors per year want to walk through this alley and enjoy its exceptional atmosphere of fun, wine, musik, dance and shopping all around the clock. Over the city is located the picturesque "Germania". From there the sight reaches a wide range of the Rhine and Nahe valleys.

The first settlers in Ruedesheim were the Romans. The Wine Museum located in the Broemser fortress carries a magnificient collection of Roman drinking glasses and cups.

The Benedictine abbey of St. Hildegard founded by the nun with the same name born in the city of Bingen in the 12th century, is located in the adjacent town of Eibingen and is surrounded by vineyards. Not far from here is located the community of Assmannshausen. It is the home of the world known pinot-noir wine, which grows in the Hoellental (a valley) and has been produced for the last 500 hundred years. In the angled alleys with its half-timbered houses decorated with oriel windows and cosy small towers this town has lost nothing of its romantic atmosphere.

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