The river shore road from the biggest river in Germany takes you from Ruedesheim to Lorch through several bends and curves the Rhine makes and passing steep vineyards. You will find fortress ruins among the vineyards, castles and fortresses on both sides of the river. In this area, the river valley becomes narrow, therefore the city of Lorch grew in importance and wealth as a transfer and turning point in this navigation route in the medieval times. The economic grow in the navigation and wine-growing industry made this community a preferable place to live for nobles and clergy. Different constructions and historical estates give evidence of that.
An angled stairway through Lorch leads from the church courtyards to the Hilchenhaus. This impressive stone house belonged to the knight Hans of Hilchen and was constructed between 1546 and 1548. It is a ruin today.

The festivities calendar of Lorch is filled the year through with theater events, concerts, exhibitions, a wine fair and gastronomical activities, known as the "Lorch's Cultural Days".

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