Although it is a small community, Hattenheim is a very important historical town in the Rheingau region. This town owns one of the most beautiful wine-tasting booths at the river shore in this area; it had already been mentioned in the year 954.

Wine-growing in Hattenheim has tradition, thanks to its proximity to the wine-growing monastery of Eberbach. It is certified in a wine-growing document shown in a book of the "Schroederbrudergemeinschaft" from 1442. This "brother's community" was in charge of carring the heavy wine barrels out of the cellars and load them in the ships on the river shore.

The city center at the marketplace with the venerable old City Hall and beautiful half-timbered houses gracefully decorate the small paved alleys. One of its architectural treasures is the Hattenheimer Fortress, which was built in 1100 by the Lord of Hattenheim and is since 1462 in possesion of the Baron Langwerth of Simmern. In the 70 's its almost destroyed roomtower was reconstructed by the Association of Fortresses and Improvement in over 20.000 hours of voluntary work. Nowadays the fortress is open to different wine festivities and other activities the whole year through.

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