It is known as the wine,school,cathedral and lime-tree city. Exiting the city is the Villa Monrepos with its attractive park. Its fruit-tree gardens formed the ground for the actual worldwide-known Institute of Investigation for Wine, Fruit and Gardening. A 700-hundred-year old lime tree is located in the city center, gives the city one of its names and is the location for the yearly Lime-Tree Festival celebrated every July. Worth it to see is the Geisenheimer Cathedral. The city hall is located in front of the lime tree, and is a beautiful building from the 19th century, constructuted by the well known architect Philipp Hoffmann. He also constructuted the west wingside of the cathedral. To mention is also the "Pfefferzoll", another tribute station in this part of the Rheingau, and the Schoenborn Castle, a renaissance building which has always belonged to the Schoenborn-Wiesentheid family.

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