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Although this wine-growing community lays on the Main river, it and its famous 200-hectare vineyards belong to the Rheingau. This beautiful city has worth-seeing wineries and half-timbered houses in the historical quarter and invites you to rich wine tastings in traditional wineries and guesthouses. The wine-growing tradition goes back 1200 years and its name is very much related to good-quality sparkling wines. The first sparkling-wine cellar on the Rhine was founded here 1837. This city gained special fame with the visit of the British Queen Victoria, who tasted its wines that were also to be drunk in her royal court. To her honour, Hochheim named one of the eleven wine estates "Queen-Victoria Estate" and built a monument. In the english-speaking world the Hochheimer wine is preferred and known as the "Hock". The most important festivities are the wine festival in July and the spectacular Hochheimer Markt in the fall which unites since 1484 all farmers and winegrowers from the surroundings and welcomes thousends of visitors.

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